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« I do not exist »

dimanche, 27 novembre 2005

I do not exist


I do not exist, and yet you wish to believe in me and therefore use many phenomenons as an evidence of my existence.


I do not exist, and yet you need me to establish limits to your emptiness so that I stand, as an obstacle, against the frenzy of your endless calculations.


You would be relieved if I could exist the way you do. You feel so ashamed. Life looks so mean to you that, often weary of praising its delights, you find in my own existence a way to justify yours. Nice try ! My existence would save you from finding reasons to your life. You would hold me as a brother, a sister, a silly gentle sister, a fellow hypocritical brother ! We would understand each other, you would be redeemed. But I do not exist.



Do not hate me. I do not exist. Do not love me. I do not exist. Do not worship me. I do not exist. I am more immoral than if I owned Gyges’ring, and was alive.


Do not forget that, as I do not exist, I save you from worshipping me. I make you sound and saints. Such freedom ! Such a fragrance ! So many possibilities, since I do not exist, for you and for me.


I do not feel like dwelling on this point, but let me remind you that, by renouncing a life I have never known, I save you from a deadly weariness.


Picture me without believing in me. Here is my word. Worship me outside the realm of reason. Gaze upon my empty tomb and write my Gospels. I will be there, arising from you, your work, your beam of light.


My key is in the ploughing fields during forty days of the black square. I arise from your deeds that your eyes make my own children.


     Camille Amadeus Colombetto.

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