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« Footloose in Toulouse »

mercredi, 23 mai 2007

Footloose in Toulouse

Here is the story of what befell

An American pilgrim who came to Pinel,

On a hajj to that Mecca, to visit the shrine:

The soil and the kiosk, reputed divine.

Its mystical nature impressed upon

The pilgrim by Yves Le Pestipon,

He ventured the steps to the shrine to ascend

When halted by two who were moved to defend

The sacred enclosure and its mystique

Against an invader fresh from l’Amérique.

It was clear that his presence there somehow annoyed

These sterling examples of youth unemployed.

“No pictures allowed on the grounds of the park,”

One of the two was heard to remark.

The other one said, “I have heard, in addition,

The kiosk will soon undergo demolition.”

Were plans thus afoot to replace this kiosk

With something more useful--maybe a mosque?

But Pinel and its kiosk were both world-renowned;

The soil of the place had been scattered around

The globe, including the pilgrim’s back yard.

While those who adored it would best be on guard,

That it could vanish seemed hard to conceive.

The pilgrim, undaunted, and guided by Yves,

Mounted the stairs, and was soon put in mind

Of the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The roof of the structure when seen from below

Seemed the hovering spaceship that dazzled Truffaut.

In the midst of ten pillars in style art deco

The visitor then heard a most strange echo.

Whatever he said rebounded right back

As if from a microphone gone out of whack.

Although the kiosk to the eye was superb

The ear soon discerned it had too much reverb

To serve the intent for which it was made:

Surely no band on that stage ever played.

Ironic it was that such was the case

For the dirt, as I’ve said, of that wonderful place

Has gone round the world, from China to Rome,

In Pinelizations incurred far from home.

A paradox surely, that Place Pinel

Should in this aspect travel so well

Yet music and words from the kiosk cannot:

To every observer they’re out of earshot.

Surprises like this one would soon prove the rule.

Elsewhere in the park were some men playing boules.

Nothing remarkable in that but this:

A woman among them. Must she too kiss

The fanny of Fanny when she cannot score?

The wandering pilgrim went on to explore

More of the marvels of Toulouse, ville rose.

The landmarks that Yves Le Pestipon chose

To show him were lovely: the Place Capitole,

L’Èglise Saint-Sernin, the Canal... On the whole,

The visitor felt he’d been cheated by fate,

For he had to live in Ohio, a state

Of which Gertrude Stein could well have said

(Given how everything there is so dead)

The problem is that there is no there there.

Our pilgrim thought that it just wasn’t fair.

There’s more to be told, but time’s running short.

So I will conclude, though wish to report

That life still goes on, it’s plain to see

In this new era of Nick Sarkozy:

Despite the challenges France must now face

On the banks of the Tarn sweethearts still embrace.

Randy Runyon.

Yves Le Pestipon | Voir l'article : Footloose in Toulouse 15:12 dans Place Pinel

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